Nick OlmanDiverse Composer and Songwriter

I arrange sound in time to create pieces of beautiful sonic destruction.

As a solo artist, Nick has been writing and recording music since 1996. He started small using a cheap Alvarez electric guitar, his father's acoustic guitar and a Tascam 4-track. Time wise, during the first years, composition was almost a full time job. Like most young writers, his first attempts were not polished gems, but they truly revealed his lack of restraint when it came to stylistic conformity. He experimented with unconventional tunings, arrangements, chords and scales. This is not to say he completely abandoned the standards of hooks and melodies, but that he did not fear stepping outside their safety in order to make his music that much more intriguing.

His solo work led to a number of years playing guitar in rock and metal bands around Grand Rapids, MI. The projects all slowly faded, never due to a failure to create unique and relevant music, but because of the impenetrable scene surrounding them. Despite the lack in success, the experience sharpened his skills as a guitarist and expanded his stylistic catalog.

Leaving the performance scene behind, Nick turned to the realm of film. Combining his diverse writing skills and solid palate of production tools with his composition base instilled at Grand Valley State University, Nick formed a clever blend of orchestral arrangements and electronic manipulations. A style which may be best described as "beautiful sonic destruction."