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Whoa, Kontakt! Audio Tools

neo | Nov, 29 2013 at 1:00 UTC | Audio Tools

I just wanted to write a quick blog here (from my phone, no less) about an issue I ran into while upgrading Kontakt 4. There appear to be a number of closed forum posts regarding this problem, but none seemed to have the solution. 

The problem: 
When trying to rebuild the database you receive an error saying "database is read-only and cannot be changed". 

The solution: 
Locate the files called kontaktdb and kontaktdbLock in your user's application data directory. You may need to use the search function if you aren't familiar with this directory. Delete both of these files (if kontaktdbLock did not exist, no worries). Restart Kontakt and your database will be recreated. 

This was a PC install issue, so if you have this on a mac, you may need to keep searching. 

Hopefully my digging will be useful to someone else.