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Recent Projects - Spring 2014 News

neo | Jun, 18 2014 at 3:13 UTC | News

My blog has been a bit quiet as of late, partially due to time constraints and partially due to an error within the system. I didn't quite have enough time to look at it.

During the last few months, I was involved in some more projects with Keith Famie at Visionalist. I worked with Keith back in 2013 on The Embrace of Aging, the male perspective of growing old. It is a fantastic series that I highly recommend checking out.

I was also, somewhat recently, asked to compose another piece for my friend E-A-Ski. While the piece style wasn't new to me, the release medium was; it was officially the first piece I wrote specifically for an audiobook. While I don't have many details on the book's release, I do have the piece to share. Enjoy!

Aww Snap, the Mail is Down! News

neo | Feb, 5 2014 at 4:30 UTC | News
Aww Snap, the Mail is Down!

Well, it appears that the winter snowstorms have branched out from solely affecting physical mail and took down my contact forms. I apologize to anyone that came across this issue while visiting my site. The issue has been resolved, and error handling has been beefed up as well.

PS: If you like the image, it's not mine, but you can get stickers and shirts here.